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Press Release

Developing Quality Community
January 10, 2010

Close and harmonic relationship between a company and the community is one of the foundations that will foster community advancement. Synergy between both parties by constantly taking and giving is aiming at generating improvement for the company, community and environment.

Understanding this, PT Dua Kelinci performs various activities, in the form of infrastructure building and community development, to allow the company to grow with the community. Entering year 2010, that happens to be PT Dua Kelinci 25th anniversary, we presents Super National Seminar to discuss LIFE REVOLUTION with keynote speaker TUNG DESEM WARINGIN (Recognized as Best Speaker and No. 1 Trainer in Indonesia by Marketing Magazine and The Most Powerful People & Ideas in Business by Swa Magazine). It is a FREE seminar that can be participated at:

Sunday, 28 February 2010
08.00 - 18.30
Invitee : Pati Government Officials, Government and Private Institutions, Educational Institution and Public in general
Total Invitees+ 1,350 peoples

Next to this event, as a reflection of our gratitude to Pati citizen, during 2010 PT Dua Kelinci is planning to conduct series of quality activities. The purposes of these activities are to enhancing Pati communities and improve their qualities. PT Dua Kelinci will invite National Speakers, some of them are ESQ Leadership Center Team and Andrie Wongso. There are also social activities, such as blood donation program, healthy bicycling and healthy morning walk.

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